A Christmas project inspired by the book, "The Quiltmaker's Gift"

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Black and White Party SUCCESS!

Thanks to all who made Saturday a huge success. We sold 100 tickets and with the raffle and silent auction we raised just over $3,000!!! We are 1/3 of the way to reaching our Christmas goal.

A shout out to all our sponsors who made this night possible!
  • Mike with The Blog Designer
  • The Oasis at Hotel Brasilito
  • Bob Davey with Las Catalinas
  • Blue Water Properties
  • Hotel Conchal
  • Pura Vida Ride, Playa Danta
  • Spa Nimbu
  • Sea Star Boutique
  • Frijoles Locos
  • Bahia del Sol
  • The Diria Hotel, Tamarindo
  • Crystal Flower Shop
  • The CREA Institute
  • Marlin del Rey
  • Hacienda Panilla Golf Club
  • Flamingo Diving Adventures
Thanks everyone for putting together an awesome night!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

8 year old Brody Answers the Question: "What is a Tradition that Your Family Has?"

Brody is 8 and is in 3rd grade. At the end of September, during journal time, the teacher asked the kids to reflect on their family activities and traditions. This was Brody's number one:

"At Christmas we raise money to buy presents, good, and other goods like clothes. We deliver the gifts to families in need on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This is a reminder of how blessed we are and it is a way for us to give back to this beautiful community."

I was so touched that before discussion of the 2011 project goals began, and 9 months since the completion of the last project, it was at the front of his mind. Kids can gain a lot from participating in this kind of charity work. Take them to the store to buy the donations, have them make flyers or make a hot chocolate stand to raise money, or have them be involved in the handing out of the gifts. There is always need for more helping hands, even the small ones. Sometimes they are the best!
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Flyer for the Black and White Party - Event in Brasilito Costa Rica


We hope to reach out and help some of the underprivileged children in our area this Christmas, and you are invited to help by attending our first annual

Black and White Dance Party

When: Saturday, November 5th

Where: The Oasis at Hotel Brasilito

Direction: (The Old Outback Jacks) On the beach on the south side of the square in Brasilito.

Time: 8pm to Midnight

Cost: $20 or 10,000 colones per ticket OR $25 or 12,500 colones at the door (includes entrance, light appetizer buffet, welcome drink, and a raffle entry)

Dress your best in BLACK and/or WHITE!


2011 Goals are In!

Year one we raised $3,000, thanks to family and friends back home who wanted to reach out here in Costa Rica. We made a big difference and helped a lot of families. Year two we raised $6,000, half from our local community, and the other half from friends and family ALL OVER THE WORLD thanks to Pay Pal. Our packages had more food, we added the Santa Truck Rally on Christmas Eve, and it took us a total of 4 days to make all the deliveries.
This year, through our greater involvement with CEPIA, we have access to many more families in need. Disabilities, death, natural disaster, divorce, economic downturn, and other unforeseeable life challenges have created living conditions that are hardly 'livable' for many. So our goal is bigger. We can offer a tax id number this year to enable donations to be used as tax deductions when making them online by credit card (Tax Deduction Instructions), we have a better blog, we are organizing events locally and internationally, and our goal is to raise $10,000! All this for what?
  • To feed and clothe 100 children = $4,000
  • To provide a combination of uniforms, shoes, and school supplies (this is new!) to 100 children. = $2,500
  • To provide basic household necessities and/or basic conveniences for individuals with disabilities X 30 families. = $3,000
  • To surprise 100 unexpectant kids on Christmas Eve with a little Christmas cheer in the from a....truck + kids with Santa Hats + Toys and Treats = $500
There are so many ways to get involved, I know we can accomplish this goal and make a difference in hundreds of lives this Christmas. Just one of the many families we hope to help is pictured below.

A Special Family - Just one of Many

Family Fransisca

A single mother caring for her daughter with a significant disability. She can only work when she gets cooking jobs that she can do from home. The home is not prepared in any way for her daughter's wheelchair. They share a makeshift bed. The mother lifts her daughter every time she comes in and out of her wheelchair. She cooks on a wood burning stove outside. They will be one of the families served by Arbol de Angel this year, you can be one of their angels!

A single, and devoted mother with her daughter who is disabled.

Mother and daughter share this makeshift bed.

Her 'kitchen' and her only opportunity to work from home so she can care for her daughter.

New Blog Thanks to: " The Blog Designer"

I know y'all are going to miss the free blog background and the tricky blog domain we boast for this Christmas project, but I have to give mad props to Mike at the Blog Designer (www.blogdesigner.com.au) who really stepped up and designed Arbol de Angel a new blog to fit our new name! Not only is he doing it pro bono, he is doing a wonderful, creative design! It will post in a short while and nobody will have to stare at my horrible blog design any more!

<span class=The Blog Designer">

Our new blog address: www.angeltreecostarica.com

Working with CEPIA and Tax Deduction for Donors.

We are excited to announce we will be cooperating with CEPIA this year to reach out to more needful families. We will be able to provide a TAX ID NUMBER to those who donate by credit card online which will enable donors to include it as a tax deduction! Also, it has given us the great opportunity to pair up with Viola Gotz, a volunteer social worker at CEPIA. It's only October and she is already busy doing home visits in order to match us up with the right families.

huacas cepia 425.JPG

Vounteer and intern for CEPIA and a representative for Arbol de Angel.

2011 - Let's do it again, and let's be OFFICIAL!

I'm so excited to be heading back into Christmas season again! As I sit here gluing ribbon onto my daughter's Halloween costume, all I have running through my mind are Christmas tunes! First off, I am excited to announce we have a new beautiful logo! This work was donated by Kadal at gijil_ireng@yahoo.com She was amazing to work with! I am excited of what this logo is going to represent!!!!!